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Crawl space repair

A green and healthy home begins here

How you can improve your problem crawl space

Often times, the source of your home's pollutants are found in the places that are most difficult to access. Mold growth, dampness, odor, and moisture in your crawl space might just be the problem. Leave it to ARM Environmental LLC to penetrate that source and find a solution.


You can expect removal of the problem substance and choose from an array of effective options to ensure an end to this serious situation.


Because every crawl space is unique, the solution must be appropriate to your specific space. Trust ARM Environmental LLC to figure out the best remedy possible.

To mitigate and permanently eliminate the toxins that are coming into your house through your crawl space, ARM Environmental LLC will examine every inch and determine the cause. A vapor barrier, repairs or replacement of your insulation, or other humidity control may be needed.


No problem is too small or too large. Whether your house needs to be jacked up to assess problem areas or an application of anti-mold paint, expect a quick response and help.

We're fast and reliable, serving the area for over 15 years and available to you 24 hours a day.


Don't hesitate to call if you have an emergency - we're here for you